open water



Build your skills and go to the next level with Advanced Open Water


Advanced Open Water consists of 5 topics and dives to fine tune your skills. there are 2

compulsory topics of Underwater Navigation, and Deep Dive, then you choose 3 further dives from:

-AWARE Fish Identification Dive
-Boat Dive
-Drift Dive
-Dry Suit diving
-Enriched Air Nitrox Dive
-Multilevel and Computer Dive
-Night Dive
-Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive
-Search & Recovery Dive
-Underwater Naturalist Dive
-Underwater Photography Dive
-Wreck diving

Numerous options but for UK diving popular options are:
-Boat Diving
-Dry Suit
-Drift Diving
-Peak Performance Buoyancy

On holiday trips options are more varied, but popular options are:
- Night Diving
- Underwater photography
- Multi Level Diving


Price on application

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